Having a puppy it’s like having a baby in the house, they are very fragile, cute, fluffy but most of all they need sleep, training and attention. Many new dog owners don’t know how to train or how to teach a new puppy and have a lot of questions like: Where should my new puppy sleep, how can I train my puppy to sleep in the crate, how to make my puppy sleep at night, how many hours does a puppy sleep, should I let my puppy sleep in my bed?

1.      Where should my new puppy sleep?

Well, first of all, depends if he is a new born puppy or you adopted or bought him from a pet shop or a shelter. If he his a new born and you have his mommy too, it’s recommended that you don’t separate the mommy and the cub until he is ready. They need a very comfortable, clean and warm place. Little puppies are very sensible and they need to feel secure. So, it’s recommended to have a crate, with blankets inside, where they can grow to be healthy dogs.

If you bought or adopted, a 1-2 months old puppy it’s very important, that they have a little place place of their own, maybe a crate, a blanket, a pillow, somewhere warm, so they can feel like they belong there. It doesn’t matter the color or the shape of the crate or blanket, but it has to be clean and warm. The hygiene being very important no matter the age.

2.      Where should my puppy sleep in the first night? Should I let him sleep in my bed?

For all of us, the first night it’s a challenge, because puppies need affection, they tend to cry for their mommy, brothers and sisters, they are not used with the place, with you, to be alone, they might even feel like they are abandoned. It’s very important that you teach them where is their crate or place and not give into temptation to take them in your bed. If you let them sleep in the first or second night with you, that’s the place where they will always sleep.

3.      Puppy sleep training. Putting a puppy in a crate training.

You need to be patient, not let them sleep with you even if, it is heartbreaking or if they are trying to get in your bed, you need to take them to their nest, every time, giving them a routine. Don’t worry after a period they will get used to.

4.      How to make a puppy sleep at night?

Patience, if you just brought him home don’t expect him to sleep immediately, they might feel alone and abandoned, so you need to make sure that he has a cozy place, warm and that he is loved. But that needs time, it is very common that in the first few night that he will cry, don’t despair, he will get used with being alone and he will sleep. It is a transition for him and he needs a lot of play time and love during the day.

5.      How many hours do dogs sleep in 24 hours?

Well, that depends of his age and how much time do you spend with him. In their first year, dogs can sleep between 8-21 hours a day. If he is just a cub, they can sleep even 21 hours per day, a 6 months old puppy can sleep 10-12 hours a day, and a one year old puppy can sleep 8-9 hours maybe 10 per day. It is well known that dogs raised in apartments sleep a lot more that dogs raised at a house with a backyard. Also, it depends if you how much time do you spend at home, if you have a very busy life and a busy job and the dog spends a lot of time by his own he will be bored and he might sleep even 12-14 hours a day.

Many people think that if the dog is old he will sleep more, well that’s incorrect he will sleep less but he will slumber a lot more than a young dog.

So, as a new dog owner, you should know that dogs need their routine, a place of their own, where they can feel comfy, they need to consider you as their master and not vice versa, don’t give into temptation and let them sleep in a crate, let them sleep because it’s as physiologically as it is in our case, and the most important thing treat them like a member of your family not just a dog.