Are you considering getting a dog, but you are afraid that there will be hair everywhere? Or perhaps you a suffering from an allergy triggered by dog hair, but always dreamy of having a pet? Well, there is some good news for you, because you can find dogs that don’t shed and it can be an excellent companion even for the ones suffering from allergies. And the best part is that there is more than one breed that doesn’t shed or sheds minimally, for an easier maintenance and cleaner home. Ready to meet your potential new companion? Here is a list of dog breeds that shed little to no hair, if you want it absent from your carpets and upholstery.

·         Bichon Frisé, Bichon Maltese and Bichon Havanese puppies

To start with, having in mind what kind of dog is good for indoors that does not shed, Bichons are great, regardless of variety. Bichon Frisé, Maltese or Havanese, these are dog breeds created especially for the company of humans. They are small in size, being perfect to be kept indoor, even in a small apartment, have little exercise requirements and love to sit in your lap. From my experience as a Bichon Frisé owner, these dogs do not smell either. They do not have that distinct dog smell, besides the fact that they don’t shed. But, you will have to give your dog a haircut, if you want their maintenance to require little effort. They have a long and silky coat, which tends to get tangled if it is left long and it is not groomed.

·         Poodle  (all sizes)

Another excellent choice would be the Poodle, in any available size. They are extremely popular for their curly and soft coat, but also for the fact that they are dogs that don’t shed. A Poodle will be a great companion dog, gentle with children and much attached to its family. Again, it is a dog that will not smell, but will require to get period clipping, for an easy maintenance of its beautiful coat. Toy, miniature or standards, Poodles will be the same fantastic dogs, regardless of their package.

·         Chinese Crested Dog

If you want to own a dog with a particular look, try the Chinese Crested Dog. A small sized dog that is almost hairless, being among the breeds of non-shedding dogs, having very little and soft hair on his head and tail tip. So there goes your shedding problem, because this dog has nothing to shed. Still, you may want to be careful with the dog during the summer, and not let him out in the sum, as his skin can suffer sunburns. An adequate sunscreen is also recommended. Also, it is a dog that can hardly be taken out during the winter, without a thick jacket, if you live in a colder climate area. But apart from this, the Chinese Crested is a fun dog to have around.

·         Shih Tzu puppies

An irresistible dog is the Shih Tzu, which is also on the list of low shedding small dogs. These little dogs have a fascinating history, being bred as royal dogs, accompanying the kings and queens of ancient China, and the members of high society. They were so much loved back in those days that they were depicted in very many Chinese paintings. The Shih Tzu bears the nickname “the lion dog”, perhaps due to its bold personality and courage, in spite of his small stature. His little mug is simply irresistible, appearing to be smiling all the time. This dog breed will be easier to be maintained if the coat is clipped into a puppy cut. Also, the hair won’t fall from the dog, unless it is pulled out during grooming or if it is broken.