Recently, a friend of mine asked me what do I think about owning a Pomsky puppy and if I can give her info about this kind of new breed. So I will try to provide some valuable info about Pomsky puppies, where to find them and how much do they cost?

1.      Pomsky puppies info

Well Pomsky puppy it is a mixture of two breeds, Husky and Pomeranian, resulting a small breed, with features from both breed, they are cute, small, easy to maintain, and with a very very adorable curved tail. The breed has genetic features, from both Husky and Pomeranian, but some of the cubs can have more resemblance to a Husky or to a Pomeranian.

They are a very active and agile breed, they also have the passion for chewing different objects in the house, that’s why you shouldn’t consider owning a Pomsky puppy unless you have a lot of time to play with him, go for long walks in the park. They also are not very recommended in case you have another pets, because they like being in the center of attention, and they might be more similar to huskies and have a strong hunting instincts, and also they are not great with family. But they can be all single people need.

They also tend to bark a lot, considering how small they are, so you must consider having this cuteness if you don’t stay in a apartment, because you might have to deal with some angry neighbors. Because of its likeness with the Husky breed they have a very strong personality and they will rather consider you as their companion and not their master.

Both Pomeranian and Husky puppy breeds have an arctic fur, so you don’t have to worry that he will be cold if you take long walk in the park, in the middle of winter, maybe just for yourself. You should also consider a groomer, their fur needs a lot of attention, daily brushing, grooming at least twice a year, washing. You also might consider a fashion grooming style also if he has more features from a Pomeranian.

They also, can have more sameness to Pomeranians, so you should expect some problems with their hip, dysplasia in Pomeranians being a very common illness. Also consider a very strict diet, they prefer healthy food: boiled veggies like potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, rice but not corn. They love chicken breast, liver, brain, kidneys and fish. They prefer solid food, liquid food may cause them digestive problems.

2.      Pomsky puppies for sale

Pomsky puppies are quite expensive and quite hard to find, adopting it’s not really an option because the price for this puppies is between $1400-$3000 even higher, so if you really want the real puppy breed try searching at Pomsky puppies breeders. When you decide buying a Pomsky, you should do some research, to prevent  buying another breed, you should also do some inquiry about the mother and father, to know what personality should you expect for.

3.      Pomsky puppies breeders

Where can I buy a Pomsky? Well there are breeders in U.S.A, U.K. and Canada. They are very rare in Europe, but be careful where do you buy them, some people may try to fool you.