The yorkie poo is a mix breed between the Yorkshire terrier and the poodle. The yorkie poo (also known as “yo-yo poo” or “yorkie doodle”) is known to play a great role in the current designer dog trend. Yorkie poos are very healthy due to their gene mixing, they don’t have any hereditary health problems, and most importantly (as many claim) they are a non shedding breed which makes them very popular amongst people with allergies.

The yorkie poo has a well proportioned and sturdy body. The coat of a yorkie poo is usually soft, smooth and silky, can be curly, straight or wavy and can come in various colors. The yorkie poos will require a haircut every 3 or maybe 4 months in order to help prevent their wonderful coats from matting. A yorkie poo will also need to be brushed regularly in order to keep his coat clean and tangle free.

Having the intelligent and playful nature of a poodle combined with the courageous and fearless behavior of a terrier, the yorkie poo can be a great watch dog as well as a wonderful companion and since he is a very obedient dog, the yorkie poo will always prefer to impress rather than upset his owner. Being in his nature an easily adapting dog, the yorkie poo will adapt very easily to city life in a small apartment as well as in larger yards in the country side.

The yorkie poo loves to play with children as well as with other pets, and, due to his sweet and loving temperament he easily gets attached to his family. Always fully devoted and loyal to his family a yorkie poo will be extremely protective and vigilant, immediately alerting the approach of any visitor or intruder. The yorkie poo is a self confident dog that truly believes he is big, and who will occasionally run around proud and fearless as larger dogs do. Being very energetic, a yorkie poo will always be in the mood to play and he will want to be included in family activities. Although he is known as a bold and proud dog, the yorkie poo also has a sensitive side that will be revealed if he is left alone or ignored.

Training can be very easy for these intelligent yorkie poos and if learning to “sit” will be rewarded with treats and compliments than the training sessions will be a pleasure for yorkie poos.

 Yorkie poos are strong willed and always look to impress their owners, so they will be really happy to learn new tricks since they know that they can “show off” sometime and be admired for “all the great tricks they know”. Being known for their permanent need of attention the yorkie poos will definitely use tricks to get it.

If caught red handed chewing on a shoe or an object that doesn’t belong to him, the yorkie poo will immediately use his yorkie poo cleverness and put on a sad and sorry face in order to avoid any sort of punishment. Being very energetic and agile the yorkie poos are also known to be very skillful in canine sports like agility, obedience and tracking.