At least once, it happens to us, dog lovers to go into a pet shop or a shelter and to be overwhelmed by the variety of breeds, one more adorable, fluffy, cuter or smaller then the other, and do not know what to do… to buy two puppies or one, or to buy all of them, should I adopt two different breeds, should I get two Yorkshire Terrier puppies, or two English bulldog puppies?

Should I get a Bichon Frize and a Maltese puppy, or should I get a Teddy Bear puppy for my daughter and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy for my son, or should I get a puppy or a dog?

 Well the answer for these questions is: buy or adopt just one puppy, it doesn’t matter what kind of breed you decide to take, because they all need the same things, love and affection and most of all responsibility.

Top 5 tips why you shouldn’t adopt or buy two puppies at the same time.

The problems associated with buying or adopting two puppies at the same time are:

1.      Responsability

We all believe that if we buy a puppy, that we should buy him also a companion, for him to play with so he wouldn’t get bored while we are at work or we just don’t have time to play with him, and that it’s a mistake because if you think that, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into, when you decide to get a puppy and the responsibility involving that decision.

Having a puppy in the first 3 to 6 months can be quite a challenge, they don’t know when or where to go to the toilet, what to eat and when to eat, why they can’t go outside. Imagine yourself in the middle of the night when one of the little puppies starts crying that he wants to go to the toilet, and while you are getting yourself out of bed the second puppy starts crying too, what do you do?

2.      They also need supervision, and  here comes the second  tip: Bad  manners

We all know that dogs/puppies like chewing the sofa, the chairs, walls, doors, wallpaper and most of all shoes. So if one of the puppies has bad manners most likely the second puppy will copy that behavior, so imagine yourself coming home, after a long day at the office and seeing two pairs of your favorite shoes destroyed.

3.      Attention

In the first three-six months after getting a puppy you need to take a lot of time to train, play, teach what is good or wrong so the puppy can develop his own personality. You need to teach him when he can go to poop or urinate, when it’s time to play, when it’s time to teach tricks, that he isn’t allowed to steal food or beg while you are eating. So think twice before getting two puppies at the same time, because you will have to do these things, twice per day, for 3 or 6 months with two different puppies….in my opinion that is a full time job.

4.      Affection

When you adopt or buy just one puppy, he tends to pay all his love and affection to you, but when he has a companion they will more likely bond with each other more, then with you. But also you will love one more that the other, because it’s natural, one is more playful, or quiet, or cute… so you will have preferences, and the other one will feel it, and nothing is worse that a disappointed dog.

5.      And last but not least: Contagious diseases and intestinal parasites.

Before you can vaccinate your puppies, they are very often affected or can be already sick when you adopt them, with intestinal parasites and contagious diseases, like Parvovirosis. This illness it’s very serious, because it can be lethal and it’s very contagious so if you have two puppies at the same time, and one of them it’s sick or a carrier, most likely you’re second puppy will get the disease too. The common signs are diarrhea, dehydration, apathy, anaemia, loss of appetite, vomiting, so if you have two puppies take both of them to the vet immediately, if one of them shows one of this signs.

So is it a good idea to have two puppies at the same time? Well the decision it’s only yours to take.