Whether you live in an apartment or house and have a back yard, an essential aspect in the training of your puppy is to housebreak them. Yes, dogs can be trained to do their necessities outside. Otherwise, no one would enjoy keeping them as pets. So in the next lines you will find valuable tips for housebreaking puppies. Still, do remember that you will have to be patient. Puppies are like children and won’t have control over their bladder in the first months of their life. It is said that around the age of five to six months a puppy will be able to hold on until he will be taken outside. But, small breeds, like Yorkshire Terrier puppies, Maltese, or Pomsky, may take even longer than that. Regardless of dog, do not lose your faith, because they can be trained.

·         How to House train a Puppy: What to Do When Puppies Won’t Poop Outside?

I often hear people saying, “my dog is peeing outside, but pooping inside”. Well, number one is easier to solve outside, because a puppy won’t be able to hold it for too much. So if you make sure to take him out at the right moment, it is easy to make him pee outside. But what will you do with number two? How to get a puppy to poop outside? Well, dogs guide themselves using their sense of smell. So before they will do their duties, they will look for something that will smell familiar. Thus, it is very probably to wait until they are brought back in the house, to go straight to the same spot they popped last time. Why? Because for them, that’s the toilet, unfortunately. What you will have to do is to disinfect the area, use some odor removing detergents, and keep your puppy outside a bit longer. Have in mind that they usually need to poop within approximately half an hour after they ate, so use that to make the poop out.

·         How to stop my puppy from pooping in the house?

If you believe your puppy refuses to poop outside, you should know that you are wrong. He is not refusing to do so because he is just not used to it. If you want to learn how to get a puppy to poop outside, you just need to follow the signs. Here is what I noticed about my dogs, especially when they were puppies, which indicated they need to poop. These signs will let you know when the best moment to take the puppy outside is. Usually, when the puppy needs to poop, he will become agitated and will start sniffing the floor continuously, like looking for something. They might also start going in circles, like trying to fit the perfect spot. They may even have the tendency to sit, but be careful as this may be a late sign because that is the pooping position. If your puppy is showing this behavior, it may be the best moment to take him outside. Don’t expect him to poop immediately, as this is new terrain for him, but be patient. He will eventually poop. And when he does, make sure you praise him, to let him know that he did an excellent job.

·         How to get the dog pooping in the yard, not the house?

You can make your dog poop in the yard in the same manner I mentioned earlier. You just need to learn the signs that will tell you that your puppy needs to poop and take him in the yard as soon as possible. Keep in mind that your puppy keeps pooping in the house because he is used to doing so, from his first accidents. Follow the tips I gave you and he will learn to poop outside in no time.