At least once, dog owners have been forced to transport the animal to the vet or in the park, so how do we do it less stressful for them?

Top 5 questions that dog owners have.

1.       Best ways to transport a puppy in the car?

First of all, you need to show the puppy that the car can be a nice and delightful thing to do. For starters you need the dog to accommodate with the car without the engine started, this way the dog won’t be frightened by the sound, second of all you need to let the dog smell the car maybe bring a blanket or something that it’s his, let him in the backseat at least 10 minutes before you start the car. Another thing, you need to stay in the front seat, this way the dog will remember your place and not feel alone if you don’t stay next to him. Don’t let the first experience with the car to be a visit to the veterinarian, because he will always associate the car with something bad for him, try taking him at least a few times to the park or somewhere he likes, so that he can associate the car with something fun.

2.      How to transport a puppy in the car?

    You can transport him in a crate, or you can buy a seat belt for dogs, if you let him on the backseat unprotected he might get injured. Make sure that before the trip you have water and food. Let the window at least 5-6 cm opened so he can have enough air. Make at least 3 stops until your destination so he can stretch his legs and do his physiological needs. If it’s very hot outside or cold don’t park somewhere and leave your dog inside the car. Don’t transport your dog in the trunk, that’s very stressful for them, it’s very noisy and your dog might develop diabetes due to stress.

3.      How to transport a puppy in the car without a crate?

    Another way, to transport a dog in the car without a crate, is to let him stay in the front of the car, at your feet, if you are a passenger, it is less stressful and dangerous. If you adopt this way, don’t forget to put a blanket under him. If you are the driver,purchase a seat belt and a dog collar to attach the seat belt to it.

4.      Do puppies have car sickness?

    Yes, a lot of puppies have car sickness or the more correct term: kinetosis – the motion sickness. In puppies it’s more acute then in older dogs. Kinetosis appears because they can’t explain exactly the act of motion, and don’t understand it, that’s why you need to accommodate the dog with the car and make short trips before you expose him to a very long one. Make sure you have wet tissues and something to clean if the unexpected happens.

5.      How do I avoid car sickness in puppies?    If the dog has kinetosis he will be nervous, he will hyper salivation and most likely he will vomit, make sure, you stop the car and take him for a little walk around the car at least and he has enough air in the car, so open the window at least 5-6 centimeters. Don’t give him food before at least 6 hours before the trip. If he shows any symptoms try to sit next to him, talk to him, and comfort him.
    There are also pills you can give him like scopolamine and promethazine, but not without seeing a veterinarian first. A more natural way it’s mint tea.