Dogs are like people, they need to express their emotional state, most often they whine because they are trying to say something like: I’m hungry, I need to go outside, I am bored. How to get my new puppy to stop whining like crazy? Well, that is one of the most common question asked by puppy owners! 

Whining depends on their age, for example when they are newborn they whine when they are hungry. Most dog owners don’t know how to react when their puppy whines all night or when they go to work and find the house destroyed and the neighbors won’t stop complaining and ask questions like: Why is he whining? What does he want? How long does it last?

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5 most common reasons for your pup’s whining and what you should do about it

1.      Young pups cry because their belly needs food

When they are newborns, they get hungry real fast, if they start whining during the night just feed them, then rub their little bellies and everything will be OK. They need to be fed every 2-3 hours, so they can grow up in powerful, adorable, healthy dogs.

Another reason that may cause a young pup to suffer is not being warm enough, as they are not able to adjust their body temperature. As a general rule of thumb, overly chilled pups are going to cry and huddle.

2.      Your dog is feeling lonely

If they are too attached to you, they might whine if sometimes you don’t pay enough attention, or you leave and let them alone. If that happens that means you have spoiled too much and they feel abandoned. You need to create a routine for him, play with him when you want, teach him, and most of all not spoil him that much. He needs to know that you are his owner, and if he does something wrong don’t yell at him, just explain him in a certain way so he can understand that what was wrong. Dogs no matter what age or breed are pack animals, a pack has a ruler, so you to behave like one.

When you go to your job he feels alone, try to find a way for him to understand that you will be back, talk to him when you leave and when you come back, find him an occupation, buy him a toy that he can play with, maybe you can ask somebody to watch him when you leave a long time.

Another case is if they were abandoned by their first owner which they were very attached to, in this particular case, try to create a new cozy environment in which he can feel safe, comfy, give him a lot of attention and love, try to do a lot of things with him so he can forget that he was abandoned, try to show him that you will not do the same thing as the previous owner.

3.      Doggo whining when it is sick

In case the whining is associated with sudden signs of aggression, whining especially when touched, or drooling, this usually is a sign your dog is in pain. That could mean trauma, dental problems, cancer, etc. There is also joint pain that can be caused by arthritis (at older dogs) or hypothyroidism.

Anyway, in case you believe your dog is whining due to a sickness, you should go to the veterinary immediately.

4.      Physiological needs or mommy needs at little puppies

When they are little they may whine when they need to go outside, to do their needs. You need to teach the dog when it’s time, once in the morning and once when you come back from work. Dogs need a schedule like people.

They also may whine when they were too early separated from their mommy, in this case, try to give them more affection, a place where they can feel secure, get them a blanket resembling a fur or maybe a teddy bear. Don’t worry in time he will stop whining.

5.      Lack of activity

Inactivity may be a cause why your dog whines, in this case, you need to pay your dog more attention, take him to the park, get him a toy that he can play with while you are not home, take him outside, for a run, maybe buy him a companion for him to play too.

You might want to consider taking it to a canine kindergarten where it will play with other dogs, get involved in different kinds of activities and enjoy a lot of fresh air. However, you need to take care of its behavior before that; you don’t want a dog that will get in trouble in certain situations.

There are also other specific situations that you might want to consider. Find such examples below.

Why does my dog whine at night?

This is usually a cry for attention, especially if these are the first nights for the puppy in your home. Being in a new environment could be stressing the pup, make it feel lonely and confused. Don’t give in, it won’t be good to either one of you.

Old dog whining for no apparent reason

This might be associated, asides from joint or other physical problems, with the cognitive decline that comes with the age. Old dogs who whine might suffer from dementia, disorientation or anxiety. When this happens, it might be a good sign that you need to euthanize your beloved companion.

Why is my dog whining and pacing?

If your canine companion is whining and pacing at the same time, chances are there are three main causes: the dog is either excited, anxious, fearful or frustrated. You can further observe its body language to decide which one it is.

Excitement is always accompanied by jumping, circling, yipping and a general show of happiness.

Anxiety comes with nervous pacing and weird, uncertain body language (ears, head, and tails down, constantly looking around).

Obsessive behavior such as reaching under the couch or scratching the door suggests that the dog might be frustrated.

fearful dog will act submissively.