Dogs are extremely social beings. They get very much attached to their owner and family and tend to feel anxious when left alone. Usually, pups and small breed dogs tend to be more prone to barking when confined alone in the house. Why? Well, it is not the breed of dog that is the problem, it is because we, the humans, tend to cuddle them too much and forgive any mischiefs of small dogs, like the Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese, or Pomeranian. So they do tend to be whinier than the rest of the dogs. So, how do you get a dog to stop barking when you’re not home? Is there a way to training a dog to stop barking?

·         It is a problem that needs to be solved, but with patience and gentleness

In case you live in an apartment, your issues with a barking dog that is left home alone can become a problem. What happens is that when our dogs bark when we aren’t home and neighbor problems start to appear, your life in that apartment building may stop being so pleasant. So you must correct your dog’s behavior as early as possible, but with patience and without being violent towards the dog. Your puppy, large or small, will eventually learn that he should stay put when left alone because you will always come back. But this is based on trust, which will be built in time, especially if we are talking about a puppy, if you give him love and attention and correct his behavior with a firm but gentle hand.

·         Still, the barking issues needs to be solved

So, how to stop a dog barking in your apartment? If you notice that your dog starts barking when he is left alone, it is time to act before your neighbors get irritated. Let me share you my experience with training my Bichon Maltese, who used to jump on the front door and bark like crazy. I can’t tell for how long my dog used to do that after I left, but I knew I had to do something about it. Thus, in a weekend, when I had more time to spend, I simulated a departure from home. I got my shoes and coat on, my keys, and pretended to leave. After one minute of leaving the home, my dog started to jump on the door and start barking like crazy. I immediately opened the door and said “No”, basking the dog for his behavior.

To stop a dog’s barking problem you have to be there when it is happening, to correct the behavior. This is why I played this pretending game. Otherwise, the dog will never know what he did wrong. You can also use a can filled with coins, to startle the dog when entering the house, because he will lose interest in behaving this way. But if you’re planning on training a dog to stop barking, you need to catch it in action. And remember, do not be violent with the dog.

·         Reinforce the “no barking” rule each time you have the chance

To stop dog barking in your house as soon as possible, another recommendation would be to try to leave earlier in the morning than usual, with at least 10 minutes. Thus, you have the chance to stand in front of the door for a few seconds and to go back and correct your dog if he starts barking. Soon, he will understand that this is not a behavior you want from him and will calm down. But you have to be patient and find a firm manner, without being violent, of enforcing your rule.